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SafeRE is an ethical real estate financing and investment marketplace committed to fairness and efficiency.

With SafeRE single asset owners and fund managers can get

  • Senior and mezzanine debt financing
  • Equity financing
  • Hybrid forms of financing

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Run through the legal and regulatory process with the SafeRE team of experts.

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The project will become available to a large pool of global investors.

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Founder’s note

There are 300 million retail, high net-worth investors, professionals and institutional investors globally who need investment opportunities. There are more than 100,000 asset managers and owners of institutional-size properties who seek investors for their activities. With so much on offer in the ten trillion dollar real estate investment market, it should be easy then for everybody to find the perfect investment and the right funding. Sadly it has for far not been that easy. Investors and owners have multiple complex and time-consuming challenges to overcome:

  • Lack of transparency: they are at the mercy of intermediaries structuring investments.
  • High cost: they endure opaque and hidden fees reducing their returns.
  • High operational risks: ownership through intermediaries always carries the risk of losses due to fraud.
  • Cumbersome processes: real estate investment has traditionally been inefficient, taken too much time and involved too much paper.

That is why we built SafeRE – to give investors and owners an ethical, innovative and rewarding alternative, where they can meet directly, transparently, at lowest cost and without much bureaucratic fuzz. We are helping millions of investors and thousands of asset owners to get together and transact with each other in a fair and rewarding manner.


Are there any specific legal requirements for digitalized fund raising?

SafeRE platform works as a marketplace for interconnection of asset owners and investors in a single point. Solution enables asset owners to digitally and compliantly issue, distribute and allocate security tokens to registered and approved investors.

Do I need a fund manager license, to put up the listing on the platform?

No, you may engage other licensed fund manager to carry out the due diligence if you don’t possess the relevant FM license.

As asset owner, do I need to pass KYC/AML to become a partner on the platform?

Yes, AML and KYC checks are required by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and are in line with international standards for onboarding investors and asset owners. These checks serves to protect the interest of all parties and investments on the platform.

IT security

Why should I use SafeRE platform?

The information on the blockchain is secured using a cryptographic system and distributed to each user without an intermediary, which resulted in a more cost efficient way for fund raising.


If I have any queries, how do I contact SafeRE?

You can reach us anytime at, there will be client success officer assigned to handle each case of enquiry. 

How does digitalized issuance work?

Digitalization allows keeping fund raising fast and secure by taking out involvement of intermediaries. The asset owners are in control of fund supply at any phase of issuance. In post-issuance phase, custody fees are drastically reduced for the asset owners and totally disappear for the investors. In a longer term this makes funding process more rewarding.

Does asset owner take part in distribution and allocation of securities to end investors?

The Platform enables the asset owner to access a global network of investors. Standardized and digital marketplace accelerates the distribution directly to accredited or institutional investors. Issued tokens are allocated to the investors, which are carefully onboarded, and supported by modern KYC/AML solution. 

What are the fees involved for asset owner?

SafeRE doesn’t charge fees for asset owner to list their project on the platform.
However, there might be standard fees and costs related to due diligence check for each offering that asset owner may need to bear.


Safeguard depth of experience, track record, and wealth of knowledge in international & cross border investments are clearly evident from my experience. Importantly for me, their rigorous and conservative analysis of deals is a key factor differentiating them in the market. Target returns are shown net of all fees and taxes, reflecting a team that is not only transparent but keen to over-deliver and careful not to over-promise

As a seasoned property investor and asset manager myself, I always dive deep into the details of any potential investments I make. I was impressed that the team was able to handle any and all difficult questions regarding a recent transaction which gave me confidence in the competence and professionalism they bring to the table.

This is a wonderful property investment platform with a great diversification angle and a multitude of opportunities available.

Andrew McCloskey, CEO of Cathedral Living

“Very professional and attentive team that helped us secure an investment and dealt with all financial and regulatory issues. Broad depth of knowledge regarding cross-border investments and SPVs and a focus on excellent execution along the investment process. Overall very competent partner from deal sourcing and due diligence to execution including property management.”

Felix C. Kolvenbach, Director of FO TRUST LTD

As a partner, co-developer and hotel operator our experience with Safeguard over that past years has been extremely positive. They are a team made up of professionals who understand the intricacies of the hospitality business with a broad understanding of how properties have to be managed both in Asia and in Europe. It has been a pleasure working together with them and hope that the existing relationship we have developed over the years can lead to doing more projects together in the future.

Santi, Roxaco CEO

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