SafeRE : The Easy and Safe Real Estate Investment Platform

SafeRE has created a revolution in Real Estate Investment, using advanced and safe technology efficiently and effectively.

It offers direct access to cost-effective and innovative real estate investment solutions.

Embrace the rewarding future of real estate investing with SafeRE.

Safere: The Easy and Safe Real Estate Investment Platform

The Power House Behind SafeRE

US $8 Billion+

Worth of corporate and real estate deals.

100+ Years

Expertise in real estate, finance and investment roles.

15+ Markets

Intelligence in transactions and operations.

The Platform

The SafeRE platform is designed for the modern investor who values efficiency, security and fairness. Your investments are in the hands of experts with decades of experience in real estate, information technology, finance, risk, and asset management.

Every offer on SafeRE is managed by teams overseen by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


Platform Design

Why SafeRE?

Singapore’s premier digital real estate
investment platform

Vector (8)

Capital Gains

Benefit from value increases in real estate providing the best protection against inflation.

Group 65

Direct Access

SafeRE’s platform allows investors to access a selected range of quality investments.

Group 53

Tax Efficiency

Take advantage of our tax-optimised investment structures.

Group 48

Risk Control

Rest easy with our proprietary due diligence process that ensures the quality of all investments.

Group 66

Consistent Income

Enjoy regular dividends or interest payments from your chosen investments.

Group 67


Our platform lets you invest in different opportunities to manage risk and return.

Group 51


SafeRE leverages technology like Blockchain, Cybersecurity or optional tokenisation for a secure investment process.

Group 49

Impact Investing

Have an opportunity to invest with SafeRE in our ESG-compliant opportunities.

Our Team

The quality of our due diligence sets us apart with a unique combination of an experienced team and best-in-class tools, creating reliable analysis, insights and recommendations.

We ensure that every investment you choose is sound and secure.

SafeRE is not just an investment platform; it’s your trusted partner in your journey towards financial growth and stability.


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Liang Jiamin

Business Leader

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Business Leader

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Frequently asked questions

SafeRE’s investment opportunities are available to “accredited investors” who meet the criteria based on requirements of Securities and Futures Act 2001:
  • Net personal assets (“NPA”) exceed S$2 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currency), net equity of primary residence capped at S$1 million of the S$2 million threshold OR
  • Net financial assets (“NFA”) (net of any related liabilities) exceed S$1 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currency) OR
  • Income in the preceding 12 months is not less than SGD300 thousand (or equivalent in a foreign currency) OR
  • A person who holds a joint account with an Accredited Investor, dealings through that joint account.

SafeRE offers a seamless online investment experience with easy onboarding, integrated and paperless KYC, instant deposit and investing process. 

  • The platform’s digital wallet allows investors to store digital multi-currency and investment instruments. 
  • With global access on offer 24/7, investors can benefit from much lower investment costs and from a fully transparent investing process. 
  • Portfolios can be easily created and customized, offering the ability to reflect every investor’s preference. 

The minimum entry is $5000 in any of the currency or depending on the investment entry ticket size as stated. 

At SafeRE, we conduct rigorous due diligence and financial analysis to screen the investments on our platform. We carefully consider fund managers’ track records, team expertise, and credit worthiness. While we prioritize quality investments, it’s important to note that no guarantee is offered on the fund’s future performance. 

SafeRE does not charge any fees for using or investing through its platform. 

For regulatory reasons, SafeRE team can’t advise investors on their investments. Please consult your investment advisor or consultant and invest if needed.