Safeguard Fund I – Philippines

Safeguard Fund I – Philippines

Five Go Hotels in Manila, all operating

  • The portfolio includes 5 economy class hotels which were developed since 2015. Almost 1,000 keys opened between 2016 and 2018. Occupancy rates are already averaging over 60%.
  • We acquired the sites jointly with a local partner and the portfolio forms the basis of Asia Hospitality Capital (AHC), a South East Asian hotel platform based in Singapore.
  • With their locations across main sub-centres of Greater Manila, the portfolio is ideally positioned to benefit from the rapid growth in local and regional travel. Furthermore the locations have significant potential for returns from increasing land prices.
  • SafeGuard has directly involved in the management of its local venture. It secured bank financing, appointed advisors, project managers, consultants, construction firm and operator and ensured the necessary permits were obtained to develop and operate the hotels.


USD 48 Million

Development Value

USD 61.4 Million

Disposition Value

4 Years

Holding Period

USD 15 Million


USD 11 Million

Capital Gain




  • SafeGuard Real Estate Management (SafeGuard) is a global real estate owner & investment manager with its headquarter in Singapore.
  • SafeRE is fully digitalized, eliminates transaction cost and intermediary fees, and delivers more transparency to real estate asset owners and investors.
  • SafeGuard is employee-owned and currently manages the SafeGuard Platinum Real Estate Fund, the Asia Hospitality Capital platform, and various mandates investing in global real estate.
  • More than 100 years of professional senior executive experience in real estate, finance and technical management roles with US$ 6 billion+ of corporate and real estate acquisitions and divestments globally.
  • Transactions in Spain, U.K., Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan.
  • Billion-dollar IPO at 3x multiple; Billion-dollar hospitality REIT listing.

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