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SafeRE UK Credit Fund

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United Kingdom

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High yield fund with regular distributions, backed by First mortgages in UK

SafeRE UK Credit Fund key take aways

The SafeRE UK Credit Fund is designed with the strategic goal of securing an annual return of 11.25%, presenting investors with a robust opportunity to generate significant returns in a context of high interest rates. The fund actively engages in various segments of the real estate lending market, including pre-development, investment, construction, and residual stock loans, tapping into multiple potential growth areas within the sector. One of the key attributes of the fund is its stringent risk management policies. It secures all loans with first mortgages on properties located within the UK and Europe. The conservative loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 75% ensures that the amount lent is considerably less than the market appraisal of the real estate, providing a substantial margin of safety and minimizing potential losses in case of loan defaults. The fund’s investment focus is primarily on the UK and European markets, benefiting from specialized local knowledge and insights. This regional concentration allows for a nuanced understanding of the unique real estate market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and evolving trends in these areas. Additionally, the fund is structured as an open-ended vehicle, allowing for ongoing investment opportunities through continuous subscription, thus offering flexibility and accessibility to investors who wish to engage with the fund at various times.

SafeRE UK Credit Fund

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11.25% p.a.

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1 per share

About SafeRE

As a regulated real estate fund and investment manager overseen by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, SafeRE is dedicated to delivering exceptional investment opportunities to our discerning clientele. Entrusted with managing funds and segregated mandates on behalf of our investors, we leverage our extensive expertise to curate a diverse portfolio of real estate assets spanning controlled risk, core, value-add, and opportunistic strategies.

Type: Equity

Currency: AUS Dollars

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